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This page was last updated on: June 28, 2009
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Broodwar Artificial Intelligence Project

7.27.2009 BW AI Project updates
To many to count. Want to check them all? Go to our new showcase. (red Square)


Latest Version: BW AI Project 3.1

It will work online, offline, on any patch. It basically allows the user to run different AI's created, i.e. by running different cwads. This way it runs more independently from the patches or StarCraft critical files. This is so far our best launcher so far created by Bajadulce whihc will hopefully make future upgrades much easier.

This latest update is the fruits of the work of Bajadulce, one of our more passionate Brood War AI Project team members. He has included all the best AI scripts out there, including his own Raynor 2.0. He will be coordinating all out future AI projects. 

He has been playing around with AI scripts as long as most of us on his own until he found the project and took it over by storm. He claims to be a construction worker in southern California but we all are getting the nagging feeling his is Bob Fitch himself smurfing us fog of war worshipers. He plays StarCraft on a lap top hooked up to a cell phone to connect to the net making him a terrible ally during storms. 

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Broodwar AI Project

What is the Broodwar AI project? It is a team of StarCraft artificial intelligence coders whose objective is to create a superior version of Brood War AI. So far we have only managed to modify the original AI scripts. We still have not touched, because we do not know how to yet, the individual unit behavior.

The  Broodwar AI Project, enhanced AI for 1.11 has achieved a walloping >400,000 world wide downloads. Then of course Blizzard came out with a new patches rendering all our efforts to dust. Since them we been updating our AI with every patch and adding new AI scripts from our team. Although the AI code worked perfectly if inserted manually the installer was rendered useless by the Z.11b patch. We do however never give up and you will find our latest Broodwar AI Project in the red above. It works fine on all systems.

The bulk of the work was done by  Racine_ who created literally thousands of lines of AI Script code and spent many nights testing his creation. He is a brilliant individual who has a golden heart. He put many hours of effort into this project to make our dream become a little more real. He also is one of the strongest player at » Entropy. This unique combination permitted him to create a very strong AI that till today remains the unbeaten champion. .

We hope you enjoy our efforts. This project is dedicated to all those out there that do not have a decent connection to play StarCraft online and who wish for a better challenge. It is also dedicated to Bob Fitch, form Blizzard, the creator of the original Broodwar AI.

These are considered “MOD’s” by Blizzard. Blizzard does not sanction the use of MOD’s for personal use and non commercial purposes. At Battle.net you can you can read a little information about Blizzard policy on MOD’s.

Of course, as always, download at you own risk!

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