We Few Still Fear the Fog


There are many ways to obtain a greater micro skill. Perhaps the best way is to play around 20 games daily with a good opponent, and spend two to three hours with a training partner, specifically training micro. This is what Pro-Gamers do. But what about the rest of us who do not have the time or the passion?

I never gave micro much attention because I assumed it would gradually get better with every game I played. Guess what? It did! One problem: improvement is SLOW. Like everything in life, if you want to get good at something you have to practice it.

I met a gamer on BattleNet-East, Nip7, who tried to convince me that to improve your micro you must actually just do that. I saw him progress from newbie to decent player. The speed that his micro improved surprised as he does not spend too much time playing Starcraft. He now can recurrently beat me in part due to his quasi-gosu Micro skill. He introduced me into the world of MICRO UMS. In these games you do not build. Units are given to each opponent and they fight each other or a computer in different rounds. Different combinations of units are given so you essentially can practice a myriad of possible combination of melee troops. This was his secret for amazingly fast micro improvement. He made me a believer.

There are many, many such MICRO UMS and most are rather useless as they do not reflect reality. I have weeded out all the useless ones and now will offer you three that will improve your micro significantly just by playing them. This way at least you enjoy yourself while you train.  I will add more as I find them.

Finally before you have fun with the micro maps check out x7-Chobo's thoughts of Micro versus Macro.

For 1v1 and Melee games:
1. 7(adv)MicroWars
2. MircoPackage These are a bunch, some better than others.
3. Micro~Masters
4. Stimey's Micro

Terran Micro Plataform
http://www.eden.rutgers.edu/~edfu/tmp.html Site dedicated to a frequently updated Micro UMS.Team Micro Platform is a fantastic UMS map for StarCraft Brood War, orignally made by Cygnus[x.1]. It is similar to the more popular Team Micro Arena, but it involves more units and frequently results in longer, more strategic games.

For Zerg v Zerg freaks
MicroTrainning ZvZ map (1:1) 56 levels. Made by 8882 aka Fledgeling. The very best you will find anywhere.

MicroMapPack by 8882
MicroMapPack .tons of micro maps collected 8882 aka Fledgeling. Almost all good micro maps you will even encounter.


For Team Melee freaks (there a few of us around) you will find this one very useful:

For an Insane 1v1 versus a Computer with awesome AI
Gosu comp

One of the few people ever to beat the this comp as zerg or protoss is x7-chobo. I have the reps in if you want it. As terran it is easier to beat it.

Hunters UMS at 8X speed.
Practice your micro by playing at 8 times normal speed.

Comp On Steroid
This computer has normal AI. No triggers. No money map. It simply builds 20% faster, things cost 20% less, upgrades and unti strenghs are all 20% stronger.

Check here and try to beat it.

For training Terran
Training_terran.scx . This is an awesome micro trainer for the wanabe boxer. I can promise you that if you finish it you will be 100% better terran player.

Custom Micro Map

This UMS/map is awsome, made by Jurgis. It allows you to chose the units you want to match up against and even set the upgrades. Excellent for practicing with your sparring partner any specific combination of troops. It even lets you chose between 3 terrains.

Download here
It lets you upgrade past level 3. Which is anti natural but can be used as a teaching utility as it lets you practice longer on weaker units.



(If downloads do not work, mail me and I will e-mail  them to you, request here)
If you have a good realistic Micro UMS or Superior AI UMS, we are very interested. Please send to this Address. negativegene@yahoo.com


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