Macro or Micro and How to Excel by x7-Chobo

A lot of people always debate the micro versus macro skills issue. Thus so, I too have been unable to avoid the temptation of adding further debating material to the discussion. I have written a small article on the issue.

Let me first begin by explaining you will rarely be able to pull off both at the same time, occasionally I can manage it but it takes a lot of time and energy to do so.

Secondly I will explain the difference between both in a simple manner. Whatever anyone has told you about the difference between micro and macro, forget it! Here's my way of explaining it:

Macro  constant attention on mass unit production
Micro  constant attention on using EACH unit to it's fullest

The majority of people will go around telling you that the best way to improve your micro is to play UMS games like micro wars. This could be true but in my opinion, these UMS are just a way to display your micro skills, not necessarily a sure fire way to improve them. Just as Bobby Fischer (perhaps the greatest chess player to ever exist) says about champions who play verse powerful chess computers, they're fixed, it's almost impossible for a situation such as that to ever occur in a REAL game. In a micro wars game compared to a real game, when units start disappearing in a micro battle, macro will always come in and can be the decider of the outcome.

Just as anything else, the only real way to improve is to keep practicing. If you ever watched my style of play, I'm mainly a macro whore. I will only micro on a few occasions  if I'm losing, to show off, or if I'm bored. If I end up losing a short micro battle in a game, my next army usually comes in and cleans up.

Rather than learning how to micro, I think it's more important to learn to macro first. After learning to macro, learn to pay attention to your battle and when to retreat. Micro should be the last thing you learn in my opinion. There are so many more important things you can learn which I think is much more important than good hand/eye coordination. All my life, everyone has been telling me how I have great hand/eye coordination mainly because of my accomplishments in martial arts, baseball, and gaming. Some people are just born with it, learning to improve your hand eye coordination is a bit more difficult.

One thing you should definitely focus on is how to surprise your opponent. If you can surprise your opponents then that can definitely come in much more handy than either micro or macro for a good majority of the time.

The best advice I can give you on how to improve all is to always play against better players. Try not to stick around players you can easily beat or players that beat you half of the time, play against players that rape you continuously!

Back when I improved the most was when I was trained by X'Ds~Grrrr and TheBoy. Another important aspect which I forgot to mention was a style of play. Sure you can go off and try to copy other players but what fun is that? Figure out what works best for you and turn those into your deadliest weapons.

When you lose a game, don't be a biatch about it unless the opponent was bad mannered then go ahead and biatch all you want. If you ask for a rematch and the opponent turns you down, accept it, don't annoy them, that just ensures that they'll never play with you again!



Written by x7-Chobo on August 29, 2003.


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