BWCoach Trainning Files database

Database of all Trainning Files made for the program BWcoach

You can obtain this great program made by Jca at

Please submit your training files and a small description of it  here  We will accept,all trainning files and and give due credit the author. A rating may be asigned to your trainning file.

For filing purposes please rename all your training files name starting witht he two letters TF and a space in capitals. You can submit your opinion about a TF using the same mail. If your TF obtains a top rating it will be included in future BWcoach upgrades.

I am currently making a series of 36 Trainning files of basic build orders for all 3 races. I will be releasing them here as I polish them. They are fun but tedious work so please have some patience.
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This page was last updated on: May 7, 2005
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As always download at your on risk.

Name of TF
title=Metal vs Zerg
description=Metal build with fast wraith for overlord harassment
title=Fast templar
description=1 gate fast templar, psi and quick exp. Opponent goes hydra with 1 exp
title=Lost Temple
description=Various standard BOs for Lost Temple
title=Protoss Basic Build Orders
description=P.1 9/10 Gate Zeal Rush
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title=Bamboo Rush
description=Quick rush vs P with 1 tank, 1 vulture, 3 marines and 1 SCV
TF Bamboo Rush.trn