"We Few Still Fear the Fog"
My heart races and my soul fills with shear obsidian fear as the fog of war envelopes me..oh lord what a wonderful feeling, I can hear the sounds of battle again...

What is Entropy?

It used to be a channel found in Battlenet  East founded by Physician (aka Entropy), Eoe_mime and Sagoter. We either meet in Entropy or OP Entropy. We still do most of the time. The channel Entropy as opposed to Op Entropy existed for 4.5 years and thus it has a life of its own and you will still see some people there but they are not all entropians. Now we are a community of nomads. We often move and spend time in different clans for variable amount of time. This way, we meet new people and gather new ideas. Often, people we encounter, will convert to our way and follow.  Because of our non clan status and the fact that our main and almost only objective is to game in a hack free environment  we have made many affiliations to other clans who share our values. We want to become better players, we want to meet interesting people and learn new things. Battlenet is too limited if you hang around in the same channel always.

Why is it called Entropy?

It's a meeting place of Brood War gamers like many other communities or channels. People tend to hang around a community or a channel for a while and become organized for a given period by playing together, learning, making friends etc. Then as time passes and the forces of entropy occur, people gradually move on to other channels or move on in life and the disorganization of these associations prevail.

What are Cohesion forces responsible for the channel's existence?

The main force of cohesion in entropy is the worship of the Fog of War. Everyone in entropy has a healthy paranoia against hackers. Even after many years of building a reputation as a Fog of War worshiper you will find that your game will always be scrutinized for signs of hacking. If you are caught hacking prepare for public humiliation. However like any group of worshipers they will always try to convert hackers to become Fog of War worshipers. They forgive but never forget.
The other force of cohesion is a passion for non money random maps. No one in entropy plays money maps and all dribble at the thought of playing a new unknown balanced map where the fog can be felt strongest.
The final force of cohesion is chat craft. People end up in the channel if they are fog of worshipers with reasonable manners but they are invited when they impress the other member in their value as a person, and not their skill.

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